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To Search records:

  • Enter the name you are looking for in the top textbox and click "SEARCH".
    Searching for last name only returns the most results.

  • To limit the records found enter additional information in the lower textbox, such as Lawyer or Murder.

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One envelope of newspaper clippings for St. Louis Subject, Box 35/Item 11 "Macarthur Bridge".
One envelope of newspaper clippings for St. Louis Subject, Box 35 / Item 11 "Macarthur Bridge".

Search Tips

Each record in the database contains two items:

Name or Subject Title: The main information contained in the file envelope. This is the field that in general will yield the best search results.

When searching by NAME try different spellings, such as McDonald, MacDonald, and so on.

When searching by SUBJECT remember this database only includes the envelopes filed under "St. Louis." If your topic is centered in another town or municipality, these are not yet indexed. Please call or stop by the library to inquire about other topics.

Note: This field holds information of a more specific sort pertaining to the specific file. Due to the inconsistent manner in which the file was created searching in this field may be less successful.

Searches of these two fields can be combined. This is particularly useful when there is a large amount of hits for a particular search. For instance, searching the file for the name Anderson, will result in over 700 records. But when it is combined with a search in the note such as murder, the results are limited to much more manageable 45 records.

At the present time only a small fraction of the entries comprising the clipping file have been made searchable. Currently the names databse includes entries for letter A-R. However new entries are entered on a daily basis.

Clipping envelopes contain articles from 1930-1985. For information outside of these dates, consult the microfilmed issues of the Globe-Democrat, available at the University of Missouri - St. Louis Periodical Department.

I found a record, how can I see what is inside?

Due to the numbers of articles clipped the database only contains the information printed on the envelope not the articles within each envelope.

Globe-Democrat envelopes may be viewed in the Reading Room at the St. Louis Mercantile Library. For hours, directions, and more information please see or call (314) 516-7240.

Envelopes are filed by Series (Names or St. Louis Subject) and Box / Item number. Please reference these numbers when inquiring about the contents of the file.

About the Collection

Dating back to approximately 1930 and continuing to 1986, the Clipping File of the Globe-Democrat comprises a valuable and unique research collection.During this time span staff members of the Globe-Democrat would, on adaily basis, clip articles from the newspaper and file the article based on subject. Originally the file was used as an internal information source for reporters seeking background knowledge on a particular person, or topic.

Since there is to date, no published index to either the St. Louis Globe-Democrat or the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, prior to 1976, this file serves as the best avenue for researchers interested in finding news articles, without precise information as to the date of publication.

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